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1ml/3ml syringe


    A Luer Lock or Luer Lok syringe allows a needle to be twisted onto the tip and then locked in place.

    This is achieved by having a Luer Slip centre tip which is surrounded by a screw locking thread.

    The needle and the syringe are twisted together and the screw thread prevents the Luer Slip connector from coming off.

    Luer Lock syringes are advised for application when back pressures are higher and where leakage avoidance is essential.


• Safe Luer-Lock Tip
• Low dead space residule
• Transparent barrel with bold scale marking, ideal readability
• Graduation scale interval: 0.01mL(1mL syringe only)
• With or without needle
• Needle option: Standard: 23G x 1, 25G x 1; Low dead space: 25G x 1
• Latex Free/DEHP Free/PVC Free
• Ethylene Oxide Sterilization
• Single sterile-packed and single-use only
• Double sealing ring gasket
• Safe plunger backstop – prevents accidental withdrawal of plunger
• Large and stable finger grip – ensures stability and comfort during injection
• Easy aspiration up to maximum volume

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